Managed hosting is ideal for companies that don’t have an internal IT staff, or want to free up their IT staff to focus on other tasks. Many companies are skeptical about turning the management & hosting of their servers over to a web hosting provider, but those who utilize managed hosting services are finding that IT outsourcing can save money and time while letting them focus on core business initiatives. offers managed services on their entire product line of Linux servers running with cPanel/WHM.
Basic management on servers that aren’t running cPanel/WHM will always be free. Basic management includes monitoring and maintaining performance of the server, keeping the server safe, secure and up to date.

For those who need fully managed server, it is important to try and clarify exactly what is covered under fully managed services. We will try to outline what we cover.

  • Kernel Upgrades, OS patches
  • Backups and restoration help if needed (only on servers with 2 or more drives)
  • Cpanel/WHM Updates
  • PHP updates
  • Mysql updates
  • System pre installed services updates ( we do not update 3rd party scripts installed)
  • WHM/Cpanel assistance includes but not limited to: creating, deleting, setting up, email and dns
  • PHP compilation
  • MySQL optimization
  • SSL configuration and installation
  • Custom DNS configuration
  • Email troubleshooting
  • FTP troubleshooting
  • High Server Load troubleshooting
  • Hardware Replacement SLA 2-6 hours
  • Software Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Failed Drive service restoration, we will assist in restoring of all accounts to our ability
  • Database corruption assistance
  • Assistance with system alerts or warnings
  • Hands on help with preinstall system settings
  • High Bandwidth consultation needs

Note: Custom Script installations are not covered by our managed services.